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We’re an energetic, polite and passionate group of professionals who care. In an industry where anyone can call themselves professionals, we like to set ourselves apart- right from the start. From the time we have our first contact, to the quote, to the introduction of our painters, to the followup of our agreement, then finally to the final result as promised, we work to sustain our pride and cement your confidence in us. Thanks for having a read today and we look forward to meeting you.

toronto painting company Dream Team Painters.

Quick Company Facts

  • 100% Canadian owned and operated.
  • Serving the Belleville, Quinte and Prince Edward County area
  • Residential and Commercial Painting Services
  • All the right paints and products for the job
  • Professionals with experience and care
  • Real people whose names you’ll remember fondly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's our guarantee?

Plain and simple, it’s 2 years. But our time in the business has shown that if for any reason something isn’t quite right it will appear relatively quickly. We’re a phone call away and we’ll make a time to continue our service with you and justify our testimonials.

Who does the painting?

Trusting that you’ll have the best painters in your home or office is important to us. We keep regular staff all year around and have filtered through hundreds of applicants to find the very best in quality, planning, work-ethic and experience. You’ll love our people just as much as we do.

Do you have insurance?

Of course. It’s $3,000,000 in liability coverage as well as WSIB (workers compensation coverage). These assurances of security are necessary in our view, and we think it’s only professional to have them. Our people are, however, safe and careful in our clients’ homes and our insurance backs you up nicely.

When is it a good and not-so-good idea to paint exteriors?

There are differing opinions in the industry, and we know what’s worked for our clients’ in the past. Mainly, it’s about the product you’re using and it’s tolerances to heat, humidity/moisture and cold. Usually this means products may take longer to dry in the heat- so we plan accordingly. Stain products don’t set into the wood when it’s moist or we- so we watch the weather with you and communicate with you on the best schedule. Painting in the colder times depends on the product and it’s lab-tested tolerance to low temperatures- so we choose the right product for the job and choose the best day to do it (if at all). We can explain all these different factors in detail if you wish.

What about paint fumes?

Nowadays, there are many choices for low-VOC and zero-VOC products which don’t contain volatile organic compounds that can be harmful to breath in. The nice part is that with today’s paint you don’t have the same awful smell as before and it’s safe to work indoors. Of course there are many different products we can recommend and discuss further with you, but rest assured that pregnant women, children and the elderly are not at risk.


We really do care about doing good out there. We know what’s going to work best for your unique needs and we’re clear about what you can expect from us. And we have the habits of those companies in the business that produce the same quality experience time and again. Give us a call and you’ll see what we mean.